Dress Silhouette Guide

This One Dress embraces every woman’s unique shape. Find the most flattering dress silhouette to highlight the best features of your figure so you will feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

Which Shape Are You?


Curvy silhouette
Shoulders and hips are about the same width
Narrow waist


Shoulders are narrower than hips
Fuller hips

Reverse Triangle

Shoulders are broader than hips
Narrow waist & hips


Shoulders and bust are narrower than hips
Fuller waist


Straight Silhouette
Shoulders and hips are about the same width

Choose Your Perfect Dress:

Modern Empire

The Delaney*

Classic A-Line

The Michele*

Fit & Flare

The Diane*

*Create your personal look by choosing your color, neckline, sleeve, and hem length*

Fit Tips

It is imperative to know your bust, waist and hip measurements to ensure a great fit. Refer to the model picture for guidance on how to measure yourself.

We recommend pulling the tape measure snug but not too tight. Find your measurements on the size chart.

If your measurements don’t fit within a range you might consider another silhouette that’s closer to your shape.

Your size correlates to your bust measurement. If your bust and waist measurements are at the lower end of the size chart and your cup size is B or below, consider going down a dress size if you prefer a tighter bodice.