The Perks and Pits of Online Shopping

Online shopping certainly has its place in our world – especially in our new COVID-19 world, but research shows that consumers still have a lot of concerns.  Speaking for myself, I have the same concerns with online shopping.  For example, just a few weeks ago, I was folding laundry and realized that I could really use some new pajamas.  Hopping online, I found a nightgown from one of the large retailers…. and then I hesitated before placing the order, thinking about how much the shipping costs were, what if I don’t like it when it comes, and wondering what kind of hassle it will be to return it if I don’t.   I did end up ordering it after my little internal debate and it recently arrived.  The material is very nice and lightweight, and I was entertained by the fact that it had pockets!  (I am still trying to figure out why a nightgown really needs pockets but pockets are awesome so it was a pleasant surprise!)  I was relieved that there was no reason to need to return it.

I think we can all agree that online ordering has its perks – I didn’t leave the house! – and its pits – returns can be a hassle.  We at This One Dress can fully understand that.  So if you are thinking about designing your own custom dress with us, here are some tips to make it a great experience for you:

  • Please measure yourself for the best chance to have your dress fit perfectly. We have instructions on the website for where exactly to place the measuring tape.  You can do this yourself easily since there are just three critical points of measure.  If you don’t have a measuring tape, a string will do.   Just use a ruler to see how much string you used when you measure yourself.
  • Look at the size chart and make sure your three measurements of bust, waist and hips work with the style dress you want and to find your perfect size. (Note – The easiest style for most women to fit into is the Fit & Flare (Diane) dress due to its generous skirt and the style to use extra caution with the fit chart is the A Line (Michele) since it has a slimmer hip.)
  • Shipping is free and returns are free. We get it that we are a new brand and want you to feel comfortable giving us a try, so taking this concern off the table for you is our goal.
  • The plastic envelope in which your custom dress arrives can be re-used for returns if it doesn’t work out. (But we think you will love your custom dress!)
  • We are happy to talk or email with you if you need help deciding which style and your fit.
  • Remember that your dress and all your custom choices (color, neckline, sleeve, and length) will be made-to-order, so please be patient as our amazing factory cuts, sews and ships it right to you in about 2-3 weeks from ordering. (This is good for the environment too – no waste!)

We will all likely have to rely more on online shopping for a while, even if we love the mall like I do.  We at This One Dress are striving to give you the best experience possible.

Hoping you are staying healthy and safe!

Your friend,


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