5 Styling Tips to Help You Adjust to Working from Home

We are so pleased to present a guest blog from Carrie Hagee, Storyteller Stylist!  Please enjoy and a big “thank you” to her!


5 Styling Tips to Help You Adjust to Working from Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned everyday life upside down. Suddenly, we are all confined to our homes, baking chocolate chip cookies and working from home connecting with our co-workers on Zoom or WebEx. All while our kids are in the background trying to stab each other with markers.

And when you finally get a quiet five minutes to yourself, it feels like everyone on social media is telling you how you should spend your time. Learn Spanish! Take up oil painting! Learn how to run 5 miles in 5 days! When the choice is between writing that novel or watching a Grey’s Anatomy marathon, Netflix generally wins, right?

If you feel as stir crazy and cautious as I do, I know you are craving comfort and space to breathe. I am finding it helpful to focus on the things that make me feel good – quality time with family, writing in my gratitude journal, and a slower pace of life.

But do you know the big thing that really boosts my mood and gives me a sense of control in all this uncertainty? Putting my pajamas in the hamper in the morning and wearing clothes that brighten my day and make me feel like ME again.

I am not suggesting you wear a snazzy suit and heels around the house but sticking to your authentic style with a comfortable work-from-home wardrobe really keeps the Corona blues at bay. Plus, I believe it is important to continue to be presentable while conducting video conferencing for work. Because let’s face it, working from home is still working!

If working from home is something new for you, I want to provide some work from home styling tips to help you adjust:

  1. If you are on video conferencing for work, make sure you still look the part. That is, at least from the waist up! You can always add some comfortable pants as these will not be visible on call if you are seated. Some examples are, a button-down with a blazer and a necklace, a cami with a textured or print cardigan, or a flutter sleeve blouse with stud earrings. Be sure to have ample lighting as well. Otherwise, you are going to appear dark on video.
  2. If not on video conferencing, you still do not want to stay in your pajamas all day. Instead, opt for joggers with a tee and sneakers. Joggers are my go-to pants for comfort and style. Another option is ponte pants with a cardigan and flats. Ponte pants are similar in style and comfort as leggings; however, they are not leggings. They are of a thicker material and they are not as body hugging, meaning more flattering for your backside. These are also great options when taking the dog for a walk around your neighborhood.
  3. Dresses=great comfort and style, especially in warmer weather. As the temperature warms, I find casual dresses a comfortable and relaxing go-to. You typically find me wearing them most of the spring and summer. Opt for a comfortable, yet stylish dress with sneakers or pair them with flats or sandals for a perfect work-from-home outfit. Bonus! They are also great for a casual weekend. The dresses from This One Dress are perfect as all occasion dresses. I find myself wearing mine frequently as they are so comfortable and stylish. And the awesome part is, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles to flatter your body shape and skin undertone.
  4. Keep jewelry minimal. Adding a necklace and some stud earrings can look nice on video conferencing. They can also boost your mood and help you to feel more beautiful. I sometimes opt for statement earrings without a necklace as well.
  5. Consider fabric. Knitwear is soft and comfortable, and I find that it is most comfortable when working from my home office all day. You do not have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Women all over the world are trying to manage this crisis, and it challenges each of us in different ways. But we are all united in getting through this experience, and I hope you will keep smiling – and styling – as much as you are able to. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself. You are doing a great job managing it all!

(Carrie is shown in “The Michele,” the A-Line style, with her choices of black, diamond neckline, 3/4 sleeve, short length)



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