One Dress, Many Styles

We’ve all been through so much lately, but a common theme I am hearing is simplification.  Having our lives come to a grinding halt has been eye-opening, to say the least.  With more time on our hands, many of us have used that time to reassess various aspects of our lives. Do we need all that we have?  Do we even want it anymore?  What can we cast away to make room, declutter and possibly gain more peace?  Alternatively, do we have the things that are useful, beautiful and lasting in our lives?

Making our lives simpler in the future, when we get some freedoms back, sounds refreshing right now.  Many of you have cleaned out your closets and other spaces in your homes, but at some point, you will look forward to shopping again.  And shopping is great – I personally love it!  When you do, I encourage you to really think about each new piece of apparel that you bring back into your wardrobe.  Does it make your life simple because it’s beautiful, fits your style, is comfortable, and can be worn in many different situations? Spending hard earned money on disposable clothing sounds like days-gone-by now.

Customize your own unique dress at This One Dress and you will find that it is something you will be able to wear over and over in many different ways.  Co-founders Michele and Diane are demonstrating this for you in the picture above, both wearing the same style dress, the black Fit & Flare (The Diane), but with their own twist.  Michele is wearing hers in a business-like way, with a long, structured jacket.  I threw a fun sweater over mine with casual boots for a weekend, casual look, and for all anyone knows, it could even be a skirt!  (Note – both jacket and sweater are from a favorite boutique in Columbus – Fabtique)

The point is, make your clothes work for you!  If you can’t wear it many different ways and places, does it deserve valuable real estate in your closet?!

Hoping you are well and safe!

Your friend,


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