Fast Fashion or Quality Pieces?

The world is changing at a head-spinning rate.  For better or worse, we have time on our hands that we can use to think about things that perhaps we have never slowed down enough to do before.  In a blog a few weeks ago, I suggested tackling some tasks that perhaps you’ve been putting off for a while (because who had the time?!).  But doing so now will certainly create some good feelings of accomplishment, and we all need that right now.  For myself, I have been working hard on a (much overdue) high school scrapbook for my son, and I’m confident that I’ll have it done this month!  I also recommended in that blog that we consider taking the time to clear out our closets, and I was thrilled to hear from some of you that you have done so!  What a great opportunity to consider each piece and decide if you want to keep it because you still wear and love it, or donate it and bless someone else.

With the thought of our wardrobes in mind, I am wondering how you are feeling about “fast fashion” these days?  Now seems like a great time to think about it.  I see a lot of fashion articles out there that say “fast fashion is dead; it’s unsustainable.”  They say that we can no longer afford to waste our hard earned money on clothes that don’t last, don’t fit properly, and are made of cheap materials in far away places with unethical labor practices.  They say that fast fashion is ruining our environment with the massive waste and unsustainable manufacturing practices.  All of those points are worthy of consideration.  So how much fast fashion do we still want in our lives and our wardrobes?  My thinking is that it is probably not dead, but we may owe it to ourselves and the environment to keep it to a minimum.  Perhaps we still want a fun, inexpensive top in that “of the moment” pattern so we can look on-trend for the season.  However, for our true foundational wardrobe pieces that need to hold up season after season, wear after wear, investing in quality pieces such as a dress from This One Dress is a smart choice because your price-per-wear will prove to be a good investment in the long run.  It’s a “go to” dress because it’s so easy to style, fits great….and has pockets!  They are made one-at-a-time upon each customer order, so the impact on the environment is minimal compared to mass production.

This One Dress is 100% made in the USA of high quality, no-pill, soft, stretchy fabric that is washable and fits your shape.   If you’ve been interested in customizing your own This One Dress but have been putting it off, we would love for you to give us a try today and help keep small American businesses like ours afloat in these unprecedented times.   (Use the code Bespoke10 to get 10% off your order!  Shipping and returns are free.)

Thank you!

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