Don’t wait to lose the weight

I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve seen the grocery aisles as empty as the way they are right now during this national Coronavirus crisis.  However, I am relieved to see that the fresh fruits and vegetables section have been substantially full every time I have gone to the store, which has reminded me to tell you about a program we are launching and little experiment I am doing with myself.

I’ve heard it time and time again when I run into women at events, “I can’t wait to get one of your dresses, but I just need to lose some weight first!”  So, I want to address that in a few ways.  First of all, you need to look good now in the body you have now!  Don’t wait to lose the weight to look good, friends!  Find a dress silhouette that flatters your shape as it as while you lose weight because honestly, wearing the right silhouette can be very slimming as it will highlight your best features and downplay the ones you are sensitive about.  We at This One Dress want to help you, too.  If you purchase a This One Dress in your current size and within a year, lose enough weight that you need a smaller size, we will celebrate with you by accepting your dress back, donating it to Dress for Success, and giving you a $40 coupon toward your replacement This One Dress!

Secondly, I get it.  I want to lose weight too.  For the past xx (lost track!!) years, I have been saying I would love to lose 5-10 pounds.  I know it’s all about diet because I already workout regularly.  So, I’ve decided I want to do this NOW in this time of quarantine (for reals this time).  For the past 2 weeks while heeding the stay at home orders, I have been experimenting by doing this daily:  taking a prebiotic/probiotic gummy, eating a Metamucil apple crisp fiber thins pack (kinda like dessert?! Haha) and every time a really feel like eating “something” (i.e., not an actual meal but you know….the “I want something” feeling, aka chocolate or the such – the things that really kill your calorie intake for the day), I reach for the veggies or fruit that I have bought, washed, cut up and are ready to go in the frig.  I have told myself that I can absolutely have that “something” as soon as I finish these veggies or fruit if I still want it.  Result?  I have found that after I have the good stuff, I really don’t feel like that “something” anymore.  As of today, I’m down 3 already! (Ok, not enough to shout from the rooftops..but it’s encouragement!)  Maybe this will inspire you as well to do your own thing that feels right.  Now if I can just find a replacement for wine……suggestions, anyone?  (Or, how about just one glass, Diane…?! Ok, I know, I know…will work on that.)

Best wishes for health and safety, all!  Thinking of you, and don’t forget to look good now in the beautiful body you have right now…the amazing body that is keeping you going through all this.  This One Dress would be so honored to help you with that.

Your friend,


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