Wishing you well…and an idea to feel good!

This is a scary time we are living through.  The uncertainty as to when we can resume normal life and what the future holds is causing an overload of stress and anxiety.  Strange, I always thought it would be nice to have more time at home, but quickly found that under these circumstances, it’s harder than I would have ever imagined.

I hope someday soon we can turn our attention back to wondering which dress we will wear out, but for now, most of us are probably wearing sweatpants or pajama bottoms while working from home and keeping kids busy.  While hanging out in my sweats, I have challenged myself to do more than binge on TV when I am not working.  I have gotten busy checking off projects and tasks from my list of things that I always mean to get done, but somehow never do.  I am almost embarrassed to admit that I never finished my younger son’s high school graduation scrapbook that I started for him almost 4 years ago.  Yes, I sorted pictures by high school year, yes I bought the fancy scrapbook supplies…no, I never sat down to actually put it all together!  “I don’t have time to get into this right now,” was my favorite go-to excuse.  Well, there is no time like the present to get this thing done!  I believe that when I finish, not only will I free myself from the guilty “ugh” that I sigh every time glance at the whole mess sitting there in the corner of my home office, but I will have an accomplishment that I will feel good about!  (Oh, and I’m not exactly expecting my son who is now 22 to care much, but that is beside the point! Haha)

What are you putting off that could give you that good feeling of accomplishment?  Is your closet stuffed with clothes that you don’t wear anymore?  Dress for Success is always in need of your clean, stylish, and gently worn work clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry for women who are striving to improve their lives and obtain employment.   What would an organized, cleaned-out closet do for your mood these days?  That’s just one idea.  I bet you have your own long list, just like I do.

We at This One Dress look forward to brighter and more fashionable times ahead.  Wishing you well and please stay safe!

Your Friend,



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