Save time and money!

These days we all appreciate ideas for making our lives easier and for ways to save money!  You probably don’t think of “washing clothes” as fitting into those categories, but when you consider your work dresses, having the ability to wash them certainly does.

The other day I was rushing to the dry cleaners to make it there before they closed to pick up my winter coat and some other pieces (another errand I didn’t want to do and didn’t have time for!) and as always, was surprised when I was told the price for my dry cleaning.  Wait, it added up to what?! A dress at this particular store costs $12.75 to dry clean.  Given my propensity for (1) spilling coffee on myself in the car, (2) splashing soup or salad dressing on myself at lunch, and (3) don’t even get me started on hot flashes… that can add up to a lot of money to dry clean my favorites over and over again!

Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against dry cleaners.  (There may be an environmental impact but I since am not a scientist, I won’t speak to that.  But I will say, avoiding chemicals and using fewer plastic bags seems good!)  Since most of the dresses sold out there require it, it’s good to have a trust dry cleaner.  However, with that said, having the ability to wash my dress whenever I want saves me the time of running another errand, and the expense of it all.  Investing in quality pieces that give you that kind of flexibility is well worth it.  We at This One Dress are here for you – we have that covered!  Washable?  Yes – pop it in the washing machine and lay it flat to dry.  Finish or fluff in the dryer.  Boom. Done.  No further expense (spill your coffee worry free!).  No additional errand.  And it has pockets!  😊

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