Dress With Intent

Many workplaces have gone to full time business casual, or even to jeans.  It’s definitely become a dressed-down world.  Everywhere you look, whether in the workplace, or in expensive restaurants and live performing arts shows, people show up in clothes that don’t elevate the moment to anything of significance.  Just because we “can” wear casual clothes to most anywhere we want, I wonder…should we?

I’ve spent over 30 years in the business world.  I like wearing a dress to work on most days, which I know is not terribly surprising since I became  co-founder of a dress company, but I have done this my whole career.  Why?  Because I want the people whom I am supervising to know that I see myself as a business woman who is in charge.  Additionally, I want my clients to know that I am serious about doing great work, and I look the part.  Of course, occasionally on a Friday I will partake in a jeans day, but that is the exception, not the rule for me.  It’s funny though, wearing jeans is not as easy or comfortable to me as wearing This One Dress.  What could be easier than throwing on a one-piece outfit that you know will look great and has zero pinching in the thighs or gaping at the waist?   I also think I look much slimmer in a dress because a fit and flare, my favorite dress silhouette, flatters my best features, and most jeans  just do not.

Recently I moved to a new home and in the process, I have been going through some very old stuff that I have saved for years to decide if I still want to keep it.  I found an old notebook from 12th grade Advanced Composition at Greenhills High School.  This is what my 17-year-old self wrote:


Clothes are important!  Because first impressions mean a great deal, having nice clothes and a clean, neat appearance is often helpful.  The way a woman wears her clothes tells a lot about how she feels about herself.  Wearing bright, colorful cloths could tell the world that she is outgoing and energetic.  On the other hand, a woman who wears dark, conservative clothes could be saying that she is sensitive and on the quiet side.  For me, I love wearing dresses because I feel happy and confident in them.  However, people who are careless with their clothes and have a slovenly appearance are risking having people think they are careless with other things.  Therefore, it is best to dress your nicest in order for others to see you the way you wish to be seen!

I guess I have always been obsessed with dressing well!  Living mindfully is certainly a “thing” now.  Choosing your clothes should be no different.  Dress with the intent of having the world see you as you wish to be seen!  The team at This One Dress would love to help you with that.

Your friend,


This One Dress Co-Founder


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