On aging

I am wondering when we can all agree that aging is a blessing and not a curse because not everyone gets to live a long, full life. I’m sure we can all think of people who have had their lives tragically cut short.  And if we can agree on that, do we really need extreme beauty treatments to make us look like we did when we were 25 even though we are well past that age? Do we really need to lie about our ages or silently shame ourselves for having some sagging skin, wrinkles or graying hair?

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look our best and taking advantage of the wonderful beauty treatments out there.  Just yesterday, I had my hair colored and I love it!  I work out most days of the week to keep myself in good shape.  But the pressure to look young, to be “ageless,” seems to grow stronger every year in our culture.  The message is that youth is to be idolized and age is to be hidden and denied.  With this message comes more and more beauty treatments that can be painful if not dangerous.

Let’s remind ourselves to celebrate that we have lived our lives to the best of our abilities!  We have learned about love, birthed and raised children, gone to school, held down jobs and paid our bills.  That is amazing stuff!  Ask a woman older than you a question about life…she may know the answer since she has lived it for a long time.  She’s likely been there; she’s likely done that.  If you are that older woman, be grateful for that fact, and don’t hide it.  Own it!

The same goes for the clothes we wear.  Honor the bodies that we are in at the present time.  (Have you ever looked back at an old picture and sighed “I wish I were as “fat” as I thought I was back then!”)  Love yourself now!  Wear the dress silhouette that looks good on your body now and accentuate the features that you want highlighted while minimizing the ones that you don’t.  Have great legs?  Then a short style may be the way to go.  Not loving the tops of your arms?  A three-quarter sleeve gives you the coverage that you need and is also very slimming.  Wider hips but a slim waist?  A fit and flare style dress is the perfect shape for that!

Reverse the thinking.  Rather than looking back and wishing for our youth or the way we “used to be,” let’s all strive to be women who show the next generation how to age gracefully and proudly!  Can you imagine a world where the younger women look at the older women and think, “I want to be just like her when I am her age.”  Now that is a compliment!

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