Encounters while traveling…and packing tips

packing while traveling

I still get excited about going out of town on a business trip!  There is always that little surge of energy thinking about the change to my normal routine and the opportunity to see new things, experience different cultures and meet interesting people. The airport is always bursting with people hurrying from one place to another.  Of course, the people watching is always incredible there. (Yes, sometimes I go early to do it!) I have met such amazing people during my business travels.

I remember the day I got into the Uber car in Washington DC to spend a few hours at the Smithsonian Museum before my evening business event. I had a driver from India who was a handsome man, about my age, with long dreadlocks. He asked me how I was doing and I made some offhanded remark about how my plane was late and I had to drag my suitcase too far over a brick sidewalk to get to my hotel. I must have made him smile inside at my trivial problems because he explained to me, in a very kind and gentle way, that he had lived a hard life, growing up in extreme poverty in India. He felt so blessed to be in the United States where it was a miracle to him everyday just to turn on the faucet and see clean water come out.  “Americans are living in paradise and they don’t even know it,” he said. (Enter – mind blow moment!!) My perspective shifted and I was grateful to be reminded to remember how lucky I am, instead of looking at the negative and complaining about the minor things.  The rest of my day went along much differently thanks to that wise man and my chance encounter with him.  I have thought of him many times since.  

I think we can all acknowledge, though, that travel can be stressful.  There are delays and inconveniences that can sour our moods. And what about the packing?!  What to bring? That was always a source of anxiety for me. These days, that anxiety is gone because I always travel with This One Dress.  The Fit and Flare is the style that most flatters my body so I never have to worry if I will look right in it. Because the fabric is so soft and wrinkle resistant, I know I will be comfortable all day and the dress will come out of my suitcase ready to pull on.  In fact, the dress is so versatile, if I wanted to pack light, I could wear it in many different ways and I doubt no one would notice I was wearing the same dress on more than one day. Problem solved, anxiety gone! In fact, on one business trip, This One Dress Co-Founder, Michele, took the A Line, sleeveless and in black, on a trip and wore it three days in a row – one day with a long, belted jacket, the next with a white crisp shirt under it like a jumper, and the next with a sweater making it look like just a skirt.  One piece, three looks!

You can find your best travel dress in the perfect silhouette for your body at www.thisonedress.com.  And here are some packing tips to make your next trip just a little easier:

Roll knits and soft materials to keep wrinkles out and also to make the most of the room in your suitcase.  (This One Dress rolls up nicely)

Lay flat or neatly fold any structured jackets or items that are prone to wrinkles.

For frequent travelers, keep a make up and toiletry bag stocked just for travel so you don’t have to keep packing and unpacking those items.

Wishing you happy travels!


Co-Founder, This One Dress

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