New Year, Real You!

Happy New Year to This One Dress friends!  It’s hard to believe we are embarking on a new decade.  The number “2020” sounds so full of possibility; where we can all have the best of intentions, hopeful dreams, and wishes for a better world.  One of our New Year’s resolutions is to start a blog , so here we go!  We hope you will cheer us on and we promise to continue making it  easy to shop for the perfect fitting dress.  Women can customize a dress that fits their shape and know the dress is 100% USA made with sustainable manufacturing practices, and that is a pretty cool thing.  

Speaking of our bodies, we keep seeing “New Year, New You” everywhere in advertising right now.  The gyms and weight loss companies all want to capitalize on the fact that many of us take stock of ourselves this time of year, which sadly often includes feeling badly about our bodies and wanting to take action to change them.  Yes, self improvement is great. Trying to do better, or be better at anything is a lofty goal and something to keep reaching for as we move through life. However, instead of “New You,” what about “Real You?” You are where you are right now, and that’s ok.  You don’t need a “new” you; you are great already!

Over the past few years as we have introduced This One Dress to the market, we have often had so many women say to us, “I really want to get a dress but I need to lose xx pounds first and then I will be so excited to get a dress!”  While we understand that feeling, why not be real now and look your best now? Our bodies are going to fluctuate, (hello baby weight or menopause!), but we need to respect and love our bodies for what they do for us every day.   Our hope for you is that you don’t wait for a “perfect” day in the future to celebrate you. Be yourself and look great now in the perfect silhouette that highlights your best features. A great fitting dress in a flattering shape will make you look great now, so happy New Year to the Real You!

Your friends at This One Dress,

Diane and Michele

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