You can create This One Dress in three simple steps.  This One Dress is personalized by you because no two women have the exact same style, shape and size.  We are putting the power of choice in your hands so go ahead and choose your style, color, neckline, sleeve and dress length.  

We believe that with the right dress, every woman can look and feel beautiful, giving her the confidence to put forth her best self.  

So go ahead and discover the One dress that makes you feel amazing, confident and beautiful!

After deciding which dress is the One for you place your customized order and your dress will be delivered to you in 3 weeks.  100% of your dress will be  made in the USA from the factory to the fabric to the company ownership! 

The Diane

The Michele

The Delaney

About This One Dress

We know you want to look and feel amazing in a dress that is just right for you – as if it was made for your body. You are busy working hard to manage your personal life, your career and other responsibilities. You may not have time to search the malls and scour the web to find just the dress you want.

Imagine finding a dress that allows you to feel confident and happy with the way you look.  We all want a choice- a certain dress length, type of sleeve, color, etc. Rarely do we find the exact dress we want, until now! We’ve all settled for dresses that don’t compliment our body shape, making us feel self-conscious when we wear them. Who wants to be constantly tugging at a dress to “fix it,” while in the back of your mind wondering if you look okay?  Well no more!  This One Dress is your solution.  

This One Dress is proudly made in the United States. It is a high quality, stylish, affordable dress line designed to fit women’s unique shapes. The fabric is an incredibly flattering knit ponte that drapes beautifully and is travel friendly because it is wrinkle resistant. It holds its shape wear after wear, and wash after wash. And best of all, we know you love pockets so we made sure to include them!

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